Mercedes SLK (2004-2012) Model year Brake Light Adaptor

Here are the instructions for the Mercedes SLK (2004-2012 model) Brake Light Adaptor. Ths product can be purchased here.

This adaptor works with the following SLK models:

  • R171 with USA and ROW (Rest Of World)
  • R170 with USA and ROW

The installation for this adaptor is straightforward and we have provided illustrations.

Step One:

Remove the five trim pins for the upper trunk cover. On US spec cars, this is the one with the "Help Me" button on it. These trim pins have a "nail" in the center - pry it out, and the pry out the retaining plug. Keep in mind that while the cover is clipped into place, it tends to "fall" down as the last plug is removed.

Step Two:

Disconnect the trunk release cable. Depress the small clip with the arrow, and it will release the plug.

Step Three:

Put the cover to the side. Look into the upper left of the exposed opening, and you will see a plug connecting to the third brake light. Unplug this plug - again by depressing the clip.

Step Four:

Take the third brake flasher, and plug the connector you just removed into the female socket. This is the larger of the two connectors. It's keyed, and will only fit one way.

Now plug the male plug into the third brake light. Again, this connector is keyed, and will only fit one way.

Both of the connectors should clip securely into place with a "click". You will now have the new harness in place, with an extra white wire harness with a micro-switch on it hanging down.

Pick up the trunk cover, and one of the trim plugs. Connect the emergency trunk plug, and run the wire with the microswitch out through the opening on the right side of the "top" of the cover. 

Fit the cover back in place, and hold it in with the trim plug. Have your helper hit the brake pedal, and your third brake light should light up. Press the microswitch to "toggle" through the different flasher modes until you find one you like. The microswitch is small - but it's pretty easy to "squeeze" it and you can feel it "click" each time contact is made. Just make sure you are squeezing it "top to bottom" and not from the sides! :-)

Step Five:

We have included a double-sided tape wire clamp so that you can fasten the programming switch to the outside of the cover if you desire. if you don't want to have it outside of the cover, remove the plug, and fasten the wire clamp to the inner surface of the trunk lid.

Regardless of where you decide to fasten it, use an isopropanol alcohol wipe to clean the area you are going to stick the tape to. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


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